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THE COMMUNAL VIRUS From China to Nizamudin

Whereas I’m against making the pandemic subjected to religion or region but the world scenario is heading towards the even more destructive pandemic. Though the current pandemic can be traced, tested and diagnosed but new pandemic has none at its rescue. Whereas the world is still entangled in coronavirus, the new virus has emerged. The socio-scientists are of the view that the new one has its roots in the current COVID-19, but I believe it was there, deep rooted but the COVID-19 pandemic bought it to the surface.

Earlier at the time of outbreak of coronavirus in America the grumpy president of the States referred it to the “Chinese Virus”: the first instance of communal pandemic. A disease has neither any region nor religion but we have a disease of communalism that has engraved humanity and compels us to be inhumane. It can incur upon any person of any nationality or religion.

A lot of criticism was borne to the President Trump for the issue but the one to be affected more was people of China or perhaps all Chinese looking people. The fire even spread to India where a girl from Manipur which apparently had Chinese look-like face was spit by a person on the allegation of being a perpetuator of Chinese virus.

The story did not end here. The bitter and bigger part of the story is here where people are hell bent to erase word SECULAR from Indian constitution. As the COVID – 19 cases are on rise in India and every possible attempt is made to curb it at its initial stage, the people have ignited the much dangerous virus among themselves that is what I call COMMUNAL VIRUS. The recent and most circulated story of media and social media is the Tablighi Jamaat group preaching at Nizaamudin, Delhi.

Before I move further I would like to make clear that I’m not in anyways defending any act of ignorance nor I’m alleging anyone. Definitely I purposely want to draw a line that ignorance can be done by anyone but the community that they belong to cannot be subjected to communalism. It can be anyone who ignores to act responsibly.

And as far as the so called patriotic Indians are there, they just need a spark to turn this Coronavirus into a communal virus. Looking at the approach adopted by the Tablighi Jamaat, it’s not only ignorance but a deliberate arrogance by going according to their whims and wishes and putting thousands of lives into danger. Their approach undoubtedly is worth scrutiny but I ask a question here “does that mean every Muslim is liable of it or the outbreak of Coronavirus is liable to it”? As soon as the issue gained the surface the Muslims were targeted on a whole.

If I go by the modus operandi of these so-called patriotic Indians who do not know India is a Secular country than I do have many examples where this pandemic can get many communal facets. To cite few examples, firstly “the super spreader guru” of Punjab who came from Italy and did not quarantine himself and moved to nearby villages of Punjab which led to the isolation of almost 15000 people. Does it mean we will allege this virus to whole Sikh community? Again it can be anyone who ignores to act responsibly.

Another example is that of face of Hinduism, Yogi Adityanath who initially was adamant on Celebrating Ram Navami Mela even after lockdown but after criticism he cancelled the program. Latter he did perform the rituals in a small gathering. Though small but gathering was there and no social distancing at all. Again I can’t allege Hindus for it. Again it can be anyone who ignores to act responsibly.

Of course we cannot forget the Kanika Kapoor Covid-19 case who was partying with our parliamentarians, let me get it again, our own Indian Parliamentarians. She single handedly too put many into risk. So does that mean we will refer this pandemic to our Indian Cinema or to Government of India? Again it can be anyone who ignores to act responsibly. (Author can be contacted on


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